Adam Buller

I’m a life member of Pen-y-bont Surf Life Saving Club. I’ve had different committee roles across the years, and I now coach junior beach training all summer.

I love all events, especially team ones, and in my day I was a flagger. I’ve won flags at the Welsh at all ages and had second in Great Britain Open men’s flags a few times. I now enjoy getting in when the surf’s big and body surfing the slip.

Question from Jack: ‘What sort of training do you do for flags in the winter months?’.

Hi Jack, that’s a great question and there’s lots of things you can do. I personally used to train in the sand dunes and on the track in winter, as these are both accessible locally. I would start off with longer distances to get a base endurance and build strength, then I would reduce the distances as the season got started to build speed. I also did supplementary things like practising starts with a weighted vest or a rucksack with a few kilograms of sand in the back. It’s a bit odd, I know, but to like flags you have to be a bit odd! I hope this helps and that your winter training goes well.


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