Why have we introduced the App?

Under the current restrictions we have limited pool time to accommodate our membership.

The use of booking in on the App allows us too:

  1. Ensure all our members have fair access to swimming
  2. Where there is spare space at a session we can open spaces up to other members, maximising our pool time
  3. Allows coaches to plan and structure sessions

Good App behaviour

There are a few guiding principles:

  1. We need everyone to tell us whether they are attending or not so please can you respond on the App
  2. We will open up sessions 24 hours before to the rest of the section so that we can ensure we have the maximum number (safely) in the pool
  3. If you don’t mark as attending and the session is opened up, you will lose your place for that session
  4. Don’t block a space and then not turn up! You could prevent someone from having a swim

We want to make the sessions the best they can be. So please help us by using Team App and using it well.

Download Team App

Download Team App now and search for PEN-Y-BONT SLSC and sign up.

All training sessions will need to be pre booked, anyone turning up that hasn’t booked on the app won’t be permitted to train.

Download the App from the App Store

Download the App from Google Play